Protesters Shut Down Raleigh City Council Meeting


At the February 13, 2024, Raleigh City Council meeting, pro-Palestinian protestors began chanting “Ceasefire now” and refused to stop when pro-tem mayor Jonathan Melton asked for order. Melton called for a recess and ended the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was for Public Comments, when residents sign up in advance to speak for one minute (sometimes three) on the topic of their choice. Of the 138 people who signed up, approximately 100 did not get a chance to speak. Most of the speakers wanted to ask the city council to issue a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza.

This video is cued up to the chanting:

In the previous city council meeting, Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin said the council would not be issuing a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

City of Raleigh Public Comment periods are held the second Tuesday of the month starting at 7 pm and the third Tuesday of the month during the 1 pm meeting, and protesters said they would return.

Because the Raleigh city council has no jurisdiction outside of the city limits, some might wonder why the protesters were asking the council to issue a resolution for a ceasefire.

Pro-Palestinian protesters throughout the United States and in many countries have organized protests, including those to disrupt local government meetings, to demand a ceasefire.

For more information about protests in the U.S.:
From PBS NewsHour:
Tens of Thousands have joined Pro-Palestinian Protests Across the United States Experts say They are Growing



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