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People, Places, and Politics of Raleigh, North Carolina

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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Lorilyn Bailey started NewsBuzz Raleigh as a weekly online publication to encourage all residents of Raleigh to pay closer attention to the actions of their city leaders so that residents can make better-informed decisions at election time.

It is Bailey’s hope that NewsBuzz Raleigh, with its mix of fresh stories, links to news from other local media outlets, educational information, and other useful information, will encourage all residents to learn what’s going on in their city — and to speak up when local leaders are not working on the behalf of residents.

Learn more about our story in this video.

About Lorilyn Bailey:
As a teen, Lorilyn Bailey spent two months in Europe, including two weeks behind the Iron Curtain, which gave her a unique perspective on the real-life effects of repressive governments on citizens. Over the years, she worked in HR as well as in TV (winning national awards as writer/features producer for a nationally aired PBS educational news program). 

Bailey has experience as an author, publicist, and technical training consultant. While working full time, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and attended graduate school in Instructional Technology. She has been a Raleigh resident since 1993.

Bailey is a member of the LION (Local Independent Online News) Publishers association. She is grateful for the assistance of contract employees in helping to build this weekly online newspaper and is grateful for all donations and funding opportunities in order to make it sustainable.

TIP: You can also access the NewsBuzzRaleigh.com site by typing NewsBuzz.com or BuzzRaleigh.com.